Staying Real In An Unreal World

Life is definitely challenging to say the least.  Seems to be more and more drama creeping into my life.

I have to remind myself not to allow it at all, and especially not to react to it.  We must try to keep our inner peace.  Let everything else just roll off my back, like water rolls off a ducks back.  Not fretting over the conditions and thoughts or assumptions others have.

Mastering ourselves is the one thing we should all focus on.  We can only change ourselves, and by doing so, hopefully change others that we love and care about.  I have come to the realization that we all do struggle in our own way.  The more people I am around, the more drama I tend to witness.

People like to talk about people.  I think it is better and more productive to talk about ideas.  There is a quote I have always liked, “Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about the weather.  Great minds talk about ideas.”

I aspire to have a great mind, and make a difference in this world.  In order to achieve success, one must be around successful people with great minds.  Limit those around you that don’t lift you up, and have no goals or desires to do better, be better.

We must not seek approval from those that are not authentic, or even aware of such.  This world is full of haters and back-biting fools.  We must steer clear of all fools, lest we become one ourselves.  Remain true to ourselves, and true to others, so that we can be that light of realness, and truth.


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