Is Doing Better Really Better?

A question I started pondering this morning.  I want to Do Better-Be Better, and I thought surely so does others.  I have been around people lately that really do not care to change.  I must admit I was kinda surprised by that.  Although, as we all know, changing is not easy.  It takes determination, dedication, discipline, and motivation helps also.  I do believe we should all want to become a better person, and each day we all should see progress in that area. Sadly though, there will always be those around us that sharpen us by being difficult, and knowing everything, or argumentative.  We that want to change for the better, now have more opportunities to take the higher road and not let these type of people cause our inner peace to go away.  Without the difficult people in our lives, we would not have a chance to do better – be better!  I am grateful I worked in the Emergency Room as a nurse for so long.  It gave me an attitude of gratitude, as well as not allowing myself to take anything personal from these people that are in pain, intoxicated, scared, worried, mental, ect.  I learned that hurt people, hurt people!  So I do believe it is better to try and be better, in hopes to help make at least our community, and our little world a nicer, kinder place to be. I do hope this website takes off, and I can find more peeps like myself.  The want to Do Better – Be Better kind of people!

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