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Zzezy is as easy as ZZEZY.

A community like Nextdoor, Craigslist, and Facebook all rolled in one.

A place where the members all want to Do Better and Be Better! To learn, share, teach, grow together, and get to know one another, online and in our actual places we live.  Having actual  meet and greets in our towns .  A place to sell, and buy items, or trade, barter,or just give away. Where there is no censorship. no political agendas, or financial agenda in this community. We need to come together and help each other, not allow this DIVIDE AND CONQUER we are currently seeing. Let’s all lift each other up, help one another, and make your voice and experiences heard, so others can learn from our mistakes. Do Better, Be Better.  Paying it forward is how we can overcome all this evil and division, and grow stronger as a community online and in our hometowns. No one should be left alone in this crazy world.

Welcome to Zzezy, a community of kind, caring, loving souls, who want to create their best life and help others do the same!

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Donations are greatly appreciated, if you are able to support this website/platform in anyway, whether sharing the website with your friends and family or helping out a particular community with financial assistance, or showing others how to create or build something, fix things, or donate your time to volunteer in needed areas in this community, it is what giving is all about.

You can call us or email us for more information about this community, and what we are trying to create to bring about a better, more close knit communities helping each other.


Social Community

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Come join in on the fun of meeting new people, real people that want to hook up and hang out, learn new things, teach some things, and find your good vibe tribe, and those that are wanting to - Do Better, Be Better!

Start selling

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Need or want something? Needing to sell something? Looking for anything to buy, sell, trade, barter, or just give away? Start here.

What Our Guests Say

Please leave comments if you have something to share about this community.  If there is anything that would make this platform better, or things that would help the community grow.  Stay kind and humble!



Our History

We do need to make a difference while we are still here on this beautiful God-given world.  We need to join together and take a stand for what is right and stand up and OUT in this journey we call life.  Teach, share, encourage, help, inspire, and believe in goodness and good people.  Have hope and faith and believe that we can make a difference one voice, idea, action at a time, will and can change our current lives for the better.


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